Texta Protect

Safer social media environment for kids!

Texta Protect is a FREE parental control app that prevents cyberbullying and online harassment.

With the help of real-time AI, you can protect your kids from toxic content, cyberbullying, and inappropriate communication on social media.


Texta Patrol

Social media comment moderation made easy

Automatically hide toxic comments from all your social media platforms in one place.

Meta API approvedTRY FOR FREE

Texta Toolkit

Texta Toolkit is a no-code machine learning and NLP platform for research and data automation - built by data scientists for data scientists.

Proven industrial track record

Texta Toolkit is being used daily by our own data scientists but also by the Estonian Police, Rescue board, Consumer protection agency and many more.

All NLP tools in one software

Be it data preparation, training text classifiers or entity extractors, Texta Toolkit has all of them incorporated in one place.

Graphical user interface

No need to code. Texta Toolkit has a graphical user interface which allows users to perform all NLP tasks with a few clicks.